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About Digital Art / Student Danny SobusFemale/United States Groups :iconsonicoc-fcfanart: SonicOC-FCFANART
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Absolutely beautiful. I am in face shedding tears my good sir. This shows 120% how important it is to stay loyal to those who love an c...

I do appreciate that you ackknownledge your mother. Most people don't do that nowadays. I would just like to say I admire you did this ...


Hello there my lovely followers, I know it's been a while since my last entry.

Today I have a special little request for all of you.

Right, so, I'm starting a new project called Playertale

The basic idea is it's going to be an Undertale web-comic that will be debuting on my Tumblr and on my Tumblr only

I require some people to participate however.

So if you are interested in being a part of this comic, send me a note and I'll give you the details.

Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day
Hey There Stranger
I am too tired to color this right now, I'll probably do it tomorrow.

Anyways, I had a thought...and not a great one in terms of Kelvin's shred up scraps of innocence he is still able to keep Pearl Emote 31 

It occurred to me that if any two characters were to meet under circumstances that would lead to them hooking up, the most tragic and completely horrifying pair to pick would be Kelvin and Tiffany.

This is not cannon...yet. Only if it is approved by MOD know the one Pearl Emote 17 

But I might add dialogue for this soon. Might.

Also for timeline context this would be somewhere between...after Tiffany gets out of jail and Kelvin gets out of the hospital but before Tiffany gets her shit kicked in by Envy.

Both characters belong to :icontailsicatfox:
The Freakazoid
So I started officially watching Adventure Time and I have to say it's...ok. Not as bad as I originally thought it was.

So I made a little persona from it.

Her name is Darby and she's often referred to by others as "The Freakazoid" because of her...unusual interests.

She likes playing small diddies on her acoustic guitar and often paints while she's fucked up on weed.

Darby also has zero interest in men what-so-ever, and is pretty quick to shut down any guy that flirts with her.

As for any involvement with actual characters...not very much. She does have some negative opinions about Princess Bubblegum, though.

Base made by :iconselenaede:
We're Just Your Problems

I’ve been watching some clips of Adventure Time lately and I heard the amaaaaaaazing song “I’m Not Your Problem” and it’s even more awesome Marshall Lee fan cover.

And I ship the shit out of both Marshball and Bubbline Komajiro emote Amazing!/Starry Eyed 

So I made this little doodle, and I might edit and color this tomorrow. 
Depends on my schedule, really.

Oh and before I forget, if you wanna listen to the Marshall Lee cover by Ashe, you can listen to it here :…

Counterpart Ponies
Before I decided to settle down with a better casting list for Po-Ni-Oh Arc V these were my original picks for the Yu-Boys

But then I remembered I already chose Pinkie as the main protagonist for PX.

Oh well.
Is a glass half empty or half full?
4 deviants said Half full
1 deviant said Half empty
OC Adopt : FREE!
I made up my mind, decided to give this lovely little mare away since I don't have any plans in particular for her.

This one's free, first one to grab her gets her. No points, no contest.

Oh and before I forget : 

Name : Blazing Sky

Talent : Throwing Ball Parties

Parents : Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie
What is this thing?

I don't know

What's it's name?

I don't know

I just doodled this in class after seeing a cute picture of babu Asriel.

Guess this just popped into my head.
Which of all the pony races is your favorite?
3 deviants said Alicorns
2 deviants said Pegasi
No deviants said Unicorns
No deviants said Earth-Pony
Crackship : PinkieShimmer
All bases by :iconselenaede:

I don't usually do crackships but this is one that I could get behind.

The child doesn't have a name yet nor a mark.

I might consider putting her up for adoption if anyone wants in.


I will do a chibi of any character you would like in whatever pose you would like

Just be sure to provide links with your request.
Pony OCs
I will do your pony OC in any pose you like and as many as you would like in the photo. Be sure to specify their poses, give me a link to the OCs you would like me to draw and what style you like them in. I will do normal or chibi. If you would also like me to include a background I can do that as well.


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Danny Sobus
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! I am just artist like anyone else! Be sure to put your all into your work!


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